• #FiscalResponsibility - “The days of operating a government agency as a self-serving and political free-for-all are over.  People expect and deserve more.  I will serve with integrity and continue to serve the Clerk’s office with passion, business-first leadership and fiscal responsibility, as if it were my own business.”  David will use his skills as an entrepreneur and job creator to institute a business-first approach when leading the Clerk of Court's office.

  • #TechnologyDriven - "Technology is important in our office, in the courtroom and for the public whom we serve. I will continue to implement technology, making documents readily available and a pay-as-you-go system, which eliminates transferring of funds or the process of issuing refunds." David plans to continue implementing new technology as he believes working smarter and having real time data available is vital to working more efficiently.

  •  #DoingTheRightThing - "Before being sworn in as Clerk of Court, I served for 3 years as Chief Deputy. In that short time, revenue increased by 26%, funds decreased by 10% and the Clerk’s office became the only agency in Parish Government to voluntarily reduce funds received by Parish Government, increasing the Parish’s General fund."  David firmly believes that if he runs the Clerk's office like it's his personal business, he can continue to see financial improvements and ensure that funds are spent and allocated as they are intended to be.

  • #BusinessOverPolitics - "When I was sworn in as Clerk of Court for Iberia Parish, I immediately called in independent auditors, accountants and attorneys to evaluate the state of the records and finances of the Clerk’s office.  These efforts were to restore public trust in the Clerk’s office and to ensure a clean slate in moving the office forward with positive leadership and fiscal responsibility."  David's instinct was to get to work! His priority was leading the staff through this transition and putting business over politics by doing the right thing for the office which he serves, starting on day 1.

Read David's Candidacy Announcement Letter

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